cheap alarmsHome safety is one of our main concerns. We want to keep our home safe for our family, and in order to achieve this, one should certainly consider purchasing home security system or individual alarms-if an entire security system is too expensive, considering  monthly cost for the professional surveillance for the period of 2 or 3 contract years. Besides these professionally monitored usually wireless systems, there are number of other security options. You can buy individual alarms for as little as 10-20$, and with purchasing several of these you will protect your entire home when you post them in various strategic posts.

You will benefit if you purchase security cameras and install them at the points of entrance to home. You can connect them to the computer and keep the log of the surveillance. Besides actual cameras, one can purchase fake cameras for a very reasonable price (starting at 4.95$). These handy things are weather resistant and actually have the indicator light that will fool the potential burglar into believing this is the real camera-which will discourage him from breaking in your home.

Although cameras are great choice, your home security will also benefit it you get motion detectors that will react to any motion in their perimeter and alarm you with loud noise. Additionally, you can connect them with your android device so you will be alarmed even when you are away from the home, giving the alarm even more of the value. Besides purchasing cheap burglar alarm systems, your home security will benefit from several other, simple common-sense measures.

For one, equip your entrance doors with protective locks. For around 100$ you can purchase electronic deadbolts that are password protected and weather resistant, making your front door basically impenetrable. There are cheap sensors (under 15$) that will automatically turn on the lights in your home, giving the illusion that someone is in even when you are away for the holidays, or still at work. Some of these sensors are remotely controlled, enabling you to turn on the lights at your will. Another great idea: purchase fake dog barking alarm, and connect it to points of entrance. Whenever someone tries to enter your home, loud barking noise will surely discourage such attempt!

Home protection with cheap burglar alarms
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