Surveillance camera alarmBurglar alarm is a system that is used in building and area to identify the illegal inputs. They are also called security alarms. Burglar alarms are used for security purposes at different places like industrial, commercial and military properties, as well as personal protection against theft. Car alarms are used to protect vehicles and their parts. Some alarm systems use for a single function of burglary protection. It is the combination of two systems fire and interruption protection. Interference alarm systems also the combination of closed-circuit television surveillance systems. It records the activities of intruders automatically, and may access control systems to electrically locked doors. Basically alarm based on more than one sensor to identify thefts, and an alerting device to point out the interference. So first we need to understand the components that we need to use. Alarm components divided into different categories.

Control Panel

It’s the main panel that is the brain of our alarm system. In alarm systems all wires will run to this panel. This panel should be located at basement or utility closet. It also includes a alter switch should someone try to ‘interrupt’ with your alarm system.

Indoor Sounder

These alarms used inside the house. This alerts a person in any dangerous situation at home.


Keypad easy to use to activate and deactivate the alarm, if you have more than one door or access than extra keypad can be installed. It can also identify which zones are currently activated.

Door Sensor

Door & window sensors are designed to help provide outside security. These can be used as a door ring. These are not visible on the door.

Window Sensors

This cheap burglar alarm will start when the window is opened. Each window will have separate channels for identifying threats. These are visible in the window. Window sensors are not so efficient so it is better to use motion detector sensors.

Motion Detector

A motion detector will start alarming when they detect any motion in its coverage area.   To install it at major area of the room or organization that covers the maximum 90 degree area. Motion detectors mostly referred as PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors.





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